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We offer patient-centered solutions that improve access and engagement

We work closely with our partners to design and launch customized programs that focus on the patient journey. With deep program experience and proven implementation processes, partners can depend on our pharmacy from pre-launch through product maturity, leveraging our own internal resources when needed to assist with the launch. We help to connect patients with manufacturer programs to ensure they receive the highest level of support during treatment. And as part of AmerisourceBergen, we benefit from stability and breadth of resources of our Fortune 10 parent company, allowing our reach to extend into provider practices across the country.

Commercialization expertise to support your program launch 


Our extensive experience with limited distribution networks, broad payer coverage and expert clinical care make us an ideal partner for commercializing oncology therapies. We also have a strategic relationship with fellow AmerisourceBergen company, ION Solutions, whose physicians account for more than 30 percent of oncology care in the United States. 

Rare and Orphan 

We understand the unique challenges associated with commercializing rare and orphan therapies. That's why we have developed program solutions and custom, high-touch services tailored to the needs of even the smallest patient populations.

Specialty Infusion

Because we began as a pharmacy focused on specialty infusion, we have deep experience supporting patients and partners with these therapies. We staff a national team of specialty-trained infusion nurses to administer therapy and provide comprehensive clinical care in the comfort of the patient's home. 

Therapy Access Services

Pharmacy services that improve patient access and speed-to-therapy

We help patients start therapy quickly by overcoming financial barriers to access. Our experts provide guidance and assistance that reduces complexity and increases communication. By coordinating all coverage options, we ensure the lowest out-of-pocket cost for the patient. We work closely with our manufacturer partners to identify and solve access challenges for patients who are uninsured and are in need free product. 

Clinical Services

Clinically-coordinated pharmacy solutions that enhance patient care 

Using an interdisciplinary approach to patient management and technologies that enhance workflow and collaboration with the practice, we overcome barriers and improve outcomes. Our clinicians provide trusted, compassionate support to help patients throughout the therapy journey.

Pharmacy Dispensing

Dispensing practices that ensure continuity of care

From the receipt of the prescription to therapy coordination and fulfillment, our pharmacy is focused on the details that promote patient safety and continuity of care. We offer nationwide dispensing to all 50 states and U.S. territories as well as coordinated dispensing to the appropriate site-of-care, ensuring patients can receive their therapies when and where they need them. 

Clinical Analytics

Data that tells a story

Customized to meet the needs of your program, our best-in-class data analytics are timely and actionable, providing insights and business intelligence that help our partners respond quickly to improve the patient journey and their product's success. Working with every major hub and data aggregator, we have mature processes for data integrity and delivery. 

REMS Expertise 

Comprehensive REMS clinical services

Because we understand the complexities associated with some specialty medications, we have the capability and flexibility in our pharmacy management system to capture and track completion of REMS requirements, including elements to assure safe use. We can capture, store and report REMS information, and we are able to monitor laboratory values or assist with patient reminders for lab work as indicated by their prescriber. We store and report authorization and confirmation numbers and adhere to patient counseling requirements related to specific REMS programs, including screening for females of reproductive potential and pregnancy status. 

Add value to your specialty strategy: six considerations for choosing a specialty pharmacy partner 

As the fastest growing segment of pharmacy, specialty drugs now account for nearly 40 percent of drug spending. The number of specialty pharmaceuticals among the top-selling drugs was 6 out of 10 in 2013 and is projected to be 9 out of 10 in 2020. Many of these are breakthrough therapies for cancer, hepatitis C, HIV, autoimmune disorders and multiple sclerosis. And with nearly 700 specialty drugs under development, specialty pharmacies are a vital partner to manufacturers commercializing their products. 

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