Clinical Services

Pharmacy solutions that improve patient outcomes

Our clinically-coordinated pharmacy solutions elevate care. Using an interdisciplinary approach to patient management and technologies that enhance workflow and collaboration with the practice, we overcome barriers and improve outcomes. 

Clinical support offered with every call

During every patient interaction, including refill scheduling calls, we verify any changes to the patient's therapy, allergy profile and medications being taken. We assess if the patient is experiencing side effects and offer clinical counseling. Our team members build trusted relationships with patients and strive to understand each patient holistically, considering any factors or circumstances that could require support or affect treatment. 

24/7 clinical counseling

Clinicians are always available to offer our patients counseling and support. Our own clinicians provide this service, even outside of normal pharmacy hours and are able to report side effects and associated interventions back to the physician and care team, promoting clinical coordination and the best patient outcomes. 

Nursing support for patients in every location

Telephonic nurses

Our registered nurses offer compassionate support and encouragement in the specific disease states and therapies they support. Our nurses educate patients about how the medication works, how the medication is taken and stored, potential side effects and interactions, and side effect management. They also help patients maximize the utilization of disease- and therapy-specific resources and provide refill and lab reminders. 

In-home infusion nurses

As a nationwide provider of home infusion services, US Bioservices’ team of registered nurses deliver patient clinical training and infusions in the convenience of the patient’s home. Our nurses are trained in infusion therapy, ensuring patients receive personalized care and comprehensive clinical support.

Customized clinical services for the highest level of patient care

Clinical education and adherence programs

Customized specialty pharmacy adherence solutions enhance care by increasing touch-points when they are needed most. Unique to the clinical profile of the product, these solutions fill-in gaps between patient-practice interactions and add a layer of therapy-specific support and education provided by the pharmacy clinicians. 

Adverse event reporting

We partner with manufacturers to design program-specific adverse event and product complaint management processes. In addition to our standard reporting, we offer custom options for reporting directly to the manufacturer upon discovery. We work with our partners to specify how the adverse event or complaint is reported, submitted and reconciled. 

Experienced REMS support 

US Bioservices offers comprehensive REMS clinical services and can store, track and report REMS information, including details about elements to assure safe use (ETASU).