Rare and Orphan Diseases

Support that improves outcomes for the smallest patient populations

Helping each patient with a rare disease maximize the benefits of their therapy requires a partner with specialized knowledge and an exceptional level of support. We understand the unique commercialization challenges for orphan therapies and provide program solutions that improve patient access, engagement and outcomes.

Committed to providing individualized patient care and support 

We understand that rare diseases vary greatly and can span a broad range of disorders. Because rare disease symptoms not only vary by disease but also from patient-to-patient with the same disease, we offer comprehensive patient support options that are unique to the condition. 

Uniquely positioned to provide an exceptional level of partnership and program customization

As an independent pharmacy, we have the ability to be fully accessible, responsive and flexible in our partnerships and program design. We understand that effective rare disease programs require custom, high-touch services tailored to the unique needs of each patient. Because we are also a part of AmerisourceBergen, our partners benefit from the resources and infrastructure of Fortune 10 company. When you select US Bioservices, you are choosing a stable business partner without making the compromises that can arise within larger distribution channels. 

Enhancing the patient experience

Dedicated program support

We understand that unique therapies for rare conditions require our associates and clinicians to develop deep, specialized expertise to offer exceptional support. Our dedicated program teams are focused exclusively on your individual therapies to ensure the highest level of specialization and patient care.

Increased therapy access

Orphan products often face reimbursement challenges that are difficult for patients and providers to navigate. Our team excels in rapidly establishing in-network patient access and coverage for new therapies through contract amendments, letters of agreement and new limited distribution agreements.

Technology Solutions and Clinical Analytics 

Insights that improve program optimization

The level of transparency we provide through our operational and technology solutions sets us apart. We offer superior clinical analytics and portal technology, which can be integrated with your systems, provide real-time, detailed updates about each patient. Customized to meet the unique aspects of your program, our clinical analytics provide greater insight into the patient journey.

How specialty pharmacies support 30 million Americans with rare diseases

Only 5 percent of rare diseases have an FDA-approved treatment. To accommodate these patients, the health care system needs to go beyond prescribing and dispensing medication. Holistic, personalized care can help patients make individual adjustments aimed at improving quality of life and realizing the full potential of treatment.