Specialty Infusion

Deep experience with specialty infusion 

Founded in 1994 as a regional pharmacy focused specifically on infused therapies, US Bioservices has a long history of providing specialized, supportive patient care. Building on our deep roots in specialty infusion, we now offer national in-home nursing services for thousands of patients with chronic and complex illnesses.

Specialty Infusion Center of Excellence

Our specialized team understands specialty infusion 

Regionally aligned within our specialty infusion center of excellence, our experts and clinicians have a deep understanding of payer requirements as well as long-standing, collaborative relationships with provider practices. Our approach allows us to increase patients' speed-to-therapy and deliver more clinically-coordinated care. Using accredited best practices, our specialty infusion team is dedicated to providing access, education and clinical support for specialty infusion patients and their caregivers.

Male patient and nurse

Pharmacy and Medical Benefit Expertise

Improving access for specialty infusion patients 

Male patient and nurse
Our team of experts has extensive experience coordinating prescription and medical benefits for patients requiring specialty infusion therapies. We fully coordinate patient benefits, including direct billing agreements for secondary and tertiary payers. Because of our long history supporting specialty infusion patients, our experts also have considerable experience working with medical policies and restrictions as well as DME billing and reimbursement, ensuring patients gain access to the clinical services and equipment they need for their therapy.   
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Therapy-specific clinical services

We offer clinical expertise and patient support that improves outcomes for patients taking specialty infusion therapies. Our pharmacy care team is trained in the disease states, product education and side effects for the therapies they support, ensuring patients receive the highest level of care. Our clinicians routinely monitor weight-based dosing and offer 24/7 clinical support to patients 

In-Home Infusion Nursing 

Our nurses deliver comprehensive clinical care in the comfort of patients' homes 

As a nationwide provider of in-home infusion services, our team of registered field nurses delivers patient clinical training and infusions in the convenience of the patient’s home. Trained in specialty infusion therapy to provide the highest level of clinical care, our nurses remain with patients throughout the infusion to monitor vital signs and ensure that the medication is infusing properly. For patients taking self-infused therapies, our nurses provide training for both patients and their caregivers, helping them become confident administrators of their therapy. Our nurses share detailed clinical updates with the provider, ensuring the patient's care team remain informed throughout treatment. 

Technology solutions that increase transparency 

US Bioservices offers technology solutions that make it easier to collaborate with our pharmacy and monitor patient care. Our MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal offers provider partners transparency into the fulfillment process, allowing us to work with their practice in a more clinically-coordinated way. The myCubixx solution provides hemophilia patients a secure storage option for their medication and reports medication inventory data back to our pharmacy, improving our ability to proactively manage patient care.