May 30, 2018

US Bioservices Collaborates with MedImpact Direct to Support Hemophilia Patients

Company Expands Services to Provide Holistic Care for Hemophilia Patients and Caregivers

Frisco, Texas – US Bioservices, a specialty pharmacy and part of AmerisourceBergen, has contracted with MedImpact, an independent, trend-focused pharmacy benefit manager, to dispense specialty prescriptions under the MedImpact Direct Specialty™ program. Under the program, US Bioservices is incorporating the use of myCubixx® temperature-controlled product storage devices for hemophilia patients – a first-of-its-kind offering for commercially-insured patients outside of the clinical trial setting.

As part of the MedImpact Direct Specialty program, myCubixx® allows for convenient, secure and monitored in-home storage for temperature-sensitive medications for MedImpact members. Instead of storing therapy in a home refrigerator that may have limited space and temperature variability, patients can store their treatments in myCubixx®. The unit, which records bleed information and dosage when opened, helps maintain optimal inventory levels and provides real-time data to the patient’s care team and payer, ultimately lowering overall costs for treatment.

With myCubixx®, US Bioservices helps hemophilia patients and their caregivers better manage their illness. The collaboration enhances clinically-coordinated patient care through real-time utilization management and improved inventory control that ultimately lowers healthcare costs.

“While there is no cure for hemophilia, patients can lead long, healthy lives with proper treatment, education and support,” said Kevin James, Vice President Payer Strategy, US Bioservices. “Through our work with MedImpact Direct, we create a seamless patient experience that combines treatment with individualized education and support for those who rely on us most – patients battling lifelong chronic illnesses.”

Providing “best-in-class” pharmacy support for hemophilia patients requires a multidisciplinary approach to care, with involvement from pharmacies, infusion nurses, hematologists, physical therapists and nurse educators. In recognition of this, US Bioservices operates a Hemophilia Center of Excellence for MedImpact members that:

  • Helps manage adherence to therapy through assay management, identifying and removing barriers to treatment, evaluating patient and caregiver infusion technique and reinforcing the use of non-pharmacologic strategies for condition management
  • Provides resource education and support through an extensive network of in-home nurses that offer individualized, extensive training for patients, their families and other individuals who may need to provide patient care (e.g., school nurses/officials)
  • Allows patients to avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations through 24/7 access to infusion nurses and proper medication dosages

“We are proud to work with US Bioservices to offer best-in-class treatment, education and support services for our members affected by hemophilia,” said Greg Watanabe, President and Chief Operations Officer for MedImpact. “By collaborating with US Bioservices, we are better able to help support our members’ adherence to therapy, which leads to improved condition management and quality of life.”

Hemophilia is a genetic condition in which patients lack a specific clotting factor in their blood. There are two main types of inherited hemophilia: A and B. In hemophilia A, factor VIII is deficient, and in hemophilia B factor IX is deficient. The amount of clotting factors in the blood determines if one has mild, moderate or severe hemophilia. Hemophilia affects approximately 20,000 individuals in the United States, and primarily affects men.


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