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New to specialty medication?

These frequently asked questions can help with the basics.

General specialty pharmacy 

How is a specialty medication different than other medications?

Specialty medications are typically for serious and sometimes rare health conditions. These therapies are usually very complex and are often more expensive. They may require special handling, could be more complicated to take or might have serious side effects, causing patients who take these medicines to need more support. 

Why can only certain pharmacies fill my specialty prescription?

Drug manufacturers and insurance companies can both affect the pharmacies that can fill a prescription for a specialty medication. The manufacturer may limit the pharmacies that can purchase the drug. This is called a limited distribution pharmacy network. These networks can include a group of pharmacies or they can be restricted to an exclusive network with only one pharmacy. One reason manufacturers do this is to ensure a certain level of patient care and clinical monitoring for complex medications. Insurance companies may also limit the pharmacies where their members can receive specialty medications. The goal is to minimize waste and reduce costs by making sure patients are getting the right therapies and doses for their conditions. A patient or doctor may not always know which pharmacy can fill a specialty prescription, but US Bioservices can help. We have access to many of the specialty medications with limited networks, and we understand the different options available with insurance companies. We work on a case-by-case basis with each patient, helping them receive their medications as quickly as possible.

Benefit coverage and prior authorization 

Specialty medication 

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