Case Manager Portal

Access real-time patient information

The Case Manager Portal provides our payer partners real-time visibility to a patient’s profile and an additional level of transparency throughout the prescription filling process.  In an effort to improve patient access to therapy, this HIPAA-compliant tool allows payers access to the latest patient status updates needed to ensure enhanced care coordination.

The Case Manager Portal allows you to access:

  • Adherence monitoring
  • Patient prescription and dispense status
  • Clinical and therapy coordination updates
  • Real-time visibility to prior authorization status
  • Shipment tracking information
  • Plan-specific data reports
  • Specific utilization trends

Improve transparency, insights and access

Enhanced functionality allows our payer partners more insight to trends such as the number of prescriptions processed, prescription statuses, refill history and the health plan’s monthly drug cost. In addition to providing real-time visibility, case managers have the ability to run customized reports at their convenience.

The Case Manager Portal allows you to run the following reports:

  • Clinical status report

  • Dispense report
  • Call activity report

  • Refill management report

  • Referral status report