Specialty Pharmacy Services

Our specialty pharmacy offers a range of patient services that improve outcomes. Whether we are helping a new patient with financial assistance or an experienced patient with side effects, we provide comprehensive support throughout the patient journey.

Nationwide Dispensing: We offer nationwide dispensing to all 50 states and U.S. territories, are a national Medicare provider, and have access to state Medicaid plans. As part of AmerisourceBergen, we offer dispensing to Good Neighbor Pharmacy retail locations. We also offer:

  • Multilingual patient support

  • Free shipping and delivery confirmation

  • Therapy coordination to various sites of care

  • 24/7 clinical support

  • Personalized, proactive refill calls

Benefit Coordination and Patient Assistance Support: Our pharmacy facilitates patient enrollment in assistance programs and foundations, when needed, and provides comprehensive coordination of benefits, including direct bill agreements. We research alternate coverage on every prescription as a standard process, and ensure that any secondary, tertiary or other coverage is identified and utilized, including government payers and foundation funding that may be available. Because assistance options can be difficult for the patient to navigate, we take a case management approach and work to quickly obtain approvals to expedite the patient’s start of therapy. 

Telephonic Nursing Support: US Bioservices’ telephonic nurses are a centralized team of registered nurses with training in the disease states that they support. They provide important education about how the medication works, how it is taken and stored, potential side effects and interactions, and side effect management. They also help patients maximize disease- and therapy-specific resources, provide refill and lab reminders, and offer compassionate support and encouragement.  

In-home Nursing Support: As a nationwide provider of home infusion services, US Bioservices’ team of registered nurses deliver patient clinical training and infusions in the convenience of the patient’s home. Offering personalized care, our dedicated nurses are trained in infusion therapy, ensuring comprehensive clinical support.

Clinical Education and Adherence Programs: In addition to our 24/7 clinical support, specialty pharmacy adherence solutions enhance care by proactively increasing patient touchpoints when they are needed most. Customized to the unique clinical profile of the product, these solutions fill in gaps between patient-practice interactions and add a layer of therapy-specific support and education provided by pharmacy clinicians. 

Quality and Patient Safety Programs: Our accredited processes include multiple pharmacist checks to ensure the highest levels of quality with each dispense. Patient allergies and medication profiles are reviewed, drug utilization reviews are performed, and barcode scanning technology is used to confirm the drug, dose and lot number/expiration of each dispense.  Additionally, US Bioservices fully supports REMS requirements, when mandated by the FDA.