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In-Home Nursing

Caring for patients where they are

Our nationwide team of specialty-trained, registered nurses administer therapy and conduct teach visits in the comfort of the patient's home. Taking a holistic approach, our nurses deliver comprehensive care and important, disease- and therapy-specific information to patients and their caregivers.

Our nurses ensure continuity of care throughout the entire patient journey

Field infusion nurses

Our specialty-trained infusion nurses perform infusion teach visits or in-home infusions, remaining with the patient throughout treatment to monitor their response to therapy and ensure the medication is infusing as prescribed. 

Directors of nursing

Our directors of nursing clinically manage patient care and work directly with our field infusion nurses and healthcare team to ensure patients receive the proper support during treatment. They are also available to answer patient questions about their infusions and medication.

Nurse coordinators 

Our RN nurse coordinators evaluate patient needs to help match them with the best nurse. They contact patients prior to their first infusion or infusion teach visit to schedule the visit and discuss the upcoming treatment as well as ensure that patients' medication is delivered before the infusion nurse arrives. 

Patient care coordinators

Our patient care coordinators are trained in the disease state they support in order to provide patients with the highest level of compassionate care. They provide proactive refill management to ensure patients have their medication when they need it.

Supporting independence for hemophilia patients and caregivers

Independence is an important part of life, but hemophilia patients and their caregivers may need to take additional steps to obtain – and maintain – a sense of normalcy. Hemophilia is primarily a genetic condition where patients are born with a deficiency of a specific clotting factor protein in their blood. Although diagnoses can range from mild to severe, all hemophilia patients require factor replacement therapy to maintain their condition. Parents, caregivers, and eventually patients take responsibility for administering infusions to maximize speed to therapy for a bleeding episode. Fortunately, treatment improvements have it made it possible for a child diagnosed with hemophilia to live a normal lifespan, and patients don’t have to look further than their specialty pharmacy for disease-specific resources and support.

“I couldn't have asked for a better nurse to infuse me...[My nurse] is just fantastic. It's a very, very good situation. I'm very happy with US Bioservices.”


For patients requiring infusion therapies, our in-home nurses help by:

  • Extending training and education to patients’ family members and caregivers
  • Establishing IV access and making sure the medication is infusing as prescribed
  • Remaining with the patient throughout the infusion 
  • Providing training in self-administration, when applicable
  • Monitoring patient vital signs frequently to ensure the infusion is well-tolerated
  • Proactively working with payers to ensure patients 
    get the services they need
  • Coordinating services with physicians to create a seamless transition for patients

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As a specialty pharmacy, we have a vested interest in our patients' holistic well-being. Whether patients require nursing support, medication assistance or have other concerns, our compassionate and knowledgeable clinicians are always ready to help.