Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update
AmerisourceBergen and our global businesses are highly engaged during the ongoing spread of the novel COVID-19 “Coronavirus."

Telephonic Nurses

Compassionate clinical support that's always one phone call away 

Working in close collaboration with physician practices, our registered, telephonic nurses deliver consistent, caring support for patients and their caregivers. Trained in the disease states and therapies they support, our telephonic nurses help patients learn to manage their therapy and mitigate side effects so they can achieve the greatest possible benefit of their medication.   

We're here for patients anytime, anywhere.


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Our telephonic nurses help by: 

  • Provide refill and lab reminders
  • Explain how to take and store medication

  • Review how the medication works as well as any potential side effects
  • Suggest actions to manage or decrease side effects
  • Emphasize the importance of compliance and timeliness of lab draws

  • Provide on-going patient support and encouragement

  • Counsel patients on healthy lifestyle choices

  • Warm transfer patients to pharmacists for additional clinical counseling

  • Help patients access additional resources available from the manufacturer and local advocacy groups

“US Bioservices has been wonderful. They’ve called me on time. They’ve delivered on time.”


Clinically-coordinated nursing support

Led by a board-certified oncology nurse supervisor, our staff of registered, telephonic nurses work in close collaboration with the patient's provider to deliver proactive therapy and dosing education and adherence support for patients taking specialty medications. They provide the practice with frequent patient updates, ensuring patients receive the highest level of clinically-coordinated care. 

Driven by a passion for patients 

We're here for patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But we also take a holistic approach to care, working in close partnership with providers to ensure each patient gets the support they need.