Clinical Analytics

Our robust clinical analytics provide insights and business intelligence allowing our partners to respond more fully to patient needs. Working with every major hub and data aggregator, we have mature processes for data integrity and delivery. Providing value beyond the reports, our experience and thought leadership about data findings leads to program optimization that drives results. 

Comprehensive Standard Reports: Our suite of standard reports provides increased transparency and actionable information for program optimization. Our reports include HIPAA compliant unique IDs and analytics in the following areas: call center activity, care coordination services, reimbursement service activities and outcomes, fulfillment services and provider site services. 

Advanced Custom Reports:  We support a high level of customization and offer advanced reporting options that can be tailored to specific audience segments.  

Extensive Connectivity and Data Integrity: We currently deliver hundreds of distinct data feeds and work with every major hub and data aggregator.  Our depth of experience and implementation process ensures that our raw data extraction and reports are accurate, complete, validated and on time.

Flexible Report Delivery and Access: Our flexible delivery options allow our partners to access reporting from US Bioservices with their preferred frequency, timing, and format, such as sFTP, email, EDI, and portal.

REMS Reporting: Each REMS program has distinct requirements, and we offer comprehensive reporting solutions that include the capture, storage and reporting of REMS requirements, including elements to assure safe use.