Pharmacy Dispensing

Our accredited best practices ensure the highest levels of quality with each dispense. From the receipt of the prescription to therapy coordination and fulfillment, our pharmacy is focused on the details that promote patient safety and continuity of care.

Nationwide Dispensing: US Bioservices offers nationwide dispensing to all 50 states and U.S. territories. We are a national Medicare provider and have access to state Medicaid and regional health plans. As part of AmerisourceBergen, we offer dispensing to Good Neighbor Pharmacy retail locations. We also offer:

Therapy Coordination to Site of Care:  We ensure medications are accessible by dispensing to the appropriate site of care. We can dispense directly to a patient, provider, surgical center, hospital, or other care facility. Our care team coordinates therapy dispensing with related events, such as patient labs, authorizations, appointments or surgeries.  

Quality and Patient Safety Programs: Our accredited processes include multiple pharmacist checks to ensure the highest levels of quality with each dispense. Patient allergies and medication profiles are reviewed, drug utilization reviews are performed, and barcode scanning technology is used to confirm the drug, dose and lot number/expiration of each dispense.  Additionally, US Bioservices fully supports REMS requirements, when mandated by the FDA.

Inventory and Special Handling: Our comprehensive process for tracking, reporting and replenishing inventory combined with our temperature- and humidity-monitored secure facilities ensures drug integrity. We validate all packaging and shipping supplies to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and can support special handling requirements. Cold chain dispensing is a core competency of our pharmacy.  

Business Continuity: As part of AmerisourceBergen, our partners benefit from enterprise-level business continuity planning and testing that ensures we can continue taking care of patients, even when unexpected issues arise.    

Dispensing Transparency: Patients and providers have access to the MyPathpoint Portal which offers transparency into our pharmacy operations and greater clinical integration with the practice. In addition to viewing the latest status updates, physicians can attach documents, approve refills, view patient records and more.