Therapy Access Services

We help patients start therapy quickly by overcoming financial barriers to access. Our experts provide guidance and assistance that reduces complexity and increases communication. By coordinating all coverage options, we ensure the lowest out-of-pocket cost for the patient.

Benefit Coordination: US Bioservices offers comprehensive benefit coordination services to find the lowest out-of-pocket option for the patient. We research alternate coverage on every prescription as a standard process and ensure that any secondary, tertiary or other coverage is identified and utilized, including coordination of patient assistance copay cards and foundation funding that may be available.

Prior Authorization and Appeals Support: We work closely with the physician's office to rapidly complete as much of the prior authorization criteria as a payer will allow, including coordination of lab results or other companion diagnostics that may be required. In addition to pharmacy benefit authorizations, we have extensive experience working with medical benefits coverage. We understand medical policies and restrictions and help the provider with proof of diagnosis, letters of medical necessity and written appeals. We communicate frequently with the physician and the patient as we offer authorization support. We track all authorization details in our system and proactively manage expiring authorizations to ensure continuity of care.

Letters of Agreement: We routinely execute letters of agreement to provide patient access to limited distribution drugs when a full agreement is not desired by a payer. Our managed care sales team, which works with payers nationwide, has a successful track record of rapidly establishing in-network patient access and coverage through payer outreach and negotiation.

Patient Financial Assistance: US Bioservices facilitates patient enrollment in copay assistance programs and foundations, including coordination of benefits and direct bill agreements with multiple payers. Because assistance options can be difficult for patients to navigate, we take a case management approach and work rapidly to obtain approvals to expedite the patient’s start of therapy.  With the patient’s permission, we directly assist with applications and temporary and long-term approvals.  Similar to prior authorizations, we track all financial assistance details in our system and proactively manage expiring approvals.