Helping your practice help patients

As an independent specialty pharmacy, we are a strong advocate for both the patient and the provider. We offer innovative solutions that increase collaboration with your practice so that we can support your patients in a clinically-coordinated way. Our patient-centered services improve speed-to-therapy and promote adherence to help patients achieve the greatest benefit of their therapy. 

How we help patients

Clinical support and specialized care

Working in partnership with your practice, our pharmacy increases patient touchpoints and provides an additional layer of clinical support for your patients. With care teams organized within both therapy-specific centers of excellence and by geographical region, we have long-standing relationships with practices and specialized knowledge to provide clinically-coordinated support. Our specialty-trained clinicians are always available to answer questions and share medication education to ensure your patients receive trusted care outside of normal business hours to your practice. 

How we impact patient care:

$25 or less

Average out-of-pocket cost (for 90% of patients who received financial assistance)


Languages supported


Clinical support

Working in partnership with your practice, our pharmacy experts ease administrative burden and improve speed-to-therapy for your patients. Our processes and innovative technology solutions deliver greater transparency and insights into your patients' care. 

How we help providers

Expertise that improves therapy access

Our pharmacy has extensive experience working with PBM and medical benefits coverage, helping practices with medical policies and restrictions, prior authorizations, payer requirements, proof of diagnosis for the prescribed therapy, supporting clinical documentation, letters of medical necessity and written appeals. 

Specialized therapy coordination 

We have extensive experience with specialized coordination for therapies that are physician administered or coordinated around REMS requirements or events, such as planned surgeries. For physician administered therapies, we can ship medications for multiple patients in a single shipment, reducing touchpoints for therapy coordination. 

Communication based on your preferences

We communicate with your practice based on your preferences and offer options to streamline communications whenever possible. If US Bioservices is working with multiple patients from a single practice, we can provide consolidated updates according to the practice's communication protocols. 

MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal


Practices can easily access the latest patient status updates with our HIPAA-compliant tool. The MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal centralizes patient interactions and provides transparency throughout the fulfillment process to improve communication and collaboration with your practice.

Ready to get started? 

We make submitting prescriptions easy and convenient. Prescribers have the option to use our MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal, e-prescribe,  fax or phone to send a prescription to our specialty pharmacy. Our care team will notify your practice when the prescription has been received.