Pharmacy Services

Clinical support that improves patient care 

With an uncompromising focus on the patient experience, we work with your practice to provide an additional layer of clinical support for patients taking specialty medications. Our specialty-trained clinicians are dedicated to helping your patients achieve the best results from their therapy.

Multilingual patient support 

We don't want language barriers to get in the way of patients successfully taking their therapy. That's why we offer language translation services for over 240 languages. Our multilingual care associates and interpreters ensure that patients can always communicate with us in their preferred language. Your practice can also proactively notify our pharmacy of your patients' preferred language to help us communicate more effectively right away.  

24/7 clinical counseling 

Patients taking specialty medications have unique needs, so our US Bioservices clinicians are always available to provide patients with clinical support. By increasing patient touch points, our team is able to support your patients outside of normal business hours.
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Specialized care teams

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Our unique model includes care teams that are organized within therapy-specific centers of excellence as well as by geographic regions. This regional focus allows us to have long-standing, collaborative relationships with practices and a deep knowledge of payer requirements, resulting in increased speed-to- therapy and more clinically-coordinated care for our patients.    
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Our national network of nurses provide comprehensive clinical care

Telephonic nurses

Our registered nurses are trained in the disease states that they support. Working in concert with the patient's provider, they educate patients on their condition and treatment, providing important education about how the medication works, how it is taken and stored, and how to manage side effects.

In-home infusion nurses

Our specialty-trained infusion nurses administer patient therapy and deliver clinical care in the convenience of the patient's home. Our nurses remain with the patient throughout the treatment to ensure the medication is infusing as prescribed.

How specialty pharmacy clinicians help patients navigate the therapy journey

Working alongside patients' physicians and healthcare teams, specialty pharmacy clinicians provide an easily accessible, additional layer of care to patients taking specialty medications. With programs built around the conditions we support, US Bioservices' specialty-trained pharmacists and nurses offer patients specialized education and caring support to help them achieve the greatest benefit from their therapy.