Provider Portal

Patient insights at your fingertips.

The MyPathpoint Prescriber Portal centralizes your interactions with US Bioservices and provides transparency throughout the fulfillment process, including the benefit coordination process, when we find the lowest out-of-pocket option for your patient. This HIPAA-compliant tool enables you to easily access the latest patient status updates.

The Portal allows you to access:

  • New order submissions and prescription status
  • Refill notification and approval mechanism
  • Shipment tracking
  • Prior authorization and patient benefit verification status
  • Patient assistance program information and enrollment
  • Patient prescription and dispense records with shipping information, status, reason and comments for clarification
  • Customized reporting
  • Document upload capability (e.g., insurance, lab, prior authorization, etc.) for pharmacy review

We also accept e-prescriptions from providers through any EMR application that is certified with SureScripts.

MyPathpoint FAQ

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